Tucson Tango Festival 2011

March 2-7
Tucson, Arizona


Rusty, Joanne and the Tucson crew bring you TTF 3.0 – bigger and better than ever.

I have been part of this festival from day one, seing it grow, transform and emerge even more beautiful every year.  This year Tucson Festival is even bigger, starting on a Wednesday night and going till monday.

New additions:  TangoAllure Show РLive music with QTango and performances from the festival and local instructors. Tickets and more info at: http://tangoallure.com/

Regular and amazing events:

1. Guerilla Milonga – flashmob at various Tucson locations, that in the past included the mall, the airport, a nursing home. Most amusing was the one in the mall where they had forbidden us to dance. We showed up, went inside the circle, bumped up the music and danced. However, it only took one unhappy security guy screaming and all the 60 tangueros ran for cover! Here is a pic of Murat and Michele outside Congress hotel at Guerilla Milonga of TTF 2009.

2. Great Weather – make sure to check out the hot tubs at the hotel. The weather is usually awesome in Tucson this time, and every year I make sure to soak in and relax in-between classes. Who know, you might find a couple of the festival instructors in the hottub doing tango (I promised Naomi not to publish THAT photo) or telling you the stories of their travels.

3. Breakfast at like 4 am Saturday night – the hotel serves amazing breakfast at 4am that is free for hotel guests. You can use this opportunity to try your new moves on the lighter dancefloor to Sabah’s great music or run out and get some yummy food to fuel you for a coupla more hours of dancing.

4. Socktango – make sure that when its 3 am and your feet are dead, to take them shoes off and do a tanda with your partner in socks. Here is more info on that: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sock+tango

5. Finally, just come and enjoy this amazing festival that the organizers put their heart into.

Here is the cast:


  • Murat & Michelle Erdemsel
  • Jaimes Friedgen and Christa Rodriguez
  • Gustavo Benzecry Saba and Maria Olivera
  • Jorge Nel
  • Varo Boyajyan & Naomi Hotta
  • Santiago Croce and Amy Lincoln
  • Vladimir Estrin & Emily Ortiz


  • Sabah Chammas
  • Maria Olivera
  • Varo Boyajyan
  • Paul Akmajian
  • Larry Richelli
  • Martin Rabcynski
  • Derrick Del Pilar

See you in Tucson next weekend!

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