Varo’s immersion into the world of Argentine Tango started in 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

Over the next few years he has become an active participant and an integral part of the Los Angeles tango community.

He devoted himself to becoming a skillful social dancer, mastering floor craft, musicality, and establishing connection with the partner.

Varo’s teaching philosophy is rooted in understanding and mastering the foundations of the dance.

Teaching the concept as a sum of the basic elements allows the students to deconstruct and reconstruct movements, and allows them to improvise on their own.

In his teaching Varo places strong emphasis on connection, musicality and the social components of the dance.

Varo’s rapid progression and extensive knowledge has led him to being invited as an instructor for the UCLA’s Argentine Tango classes, as well as becoming permanent staff member at the “Tango Room”, one of premier Tango studios in Los Angeles.

Varo is a founding member and organizer of the SMITH Festival – Santa Monica International Tango Holiday. In 2010, Varo has organized and hosted LARRY – Los Angeles Rapid Response Mini Tango Festival in 2010 and Milonga Querida, featuring US and International artists.

Varo has taught and performed at numerous tango and dance related events in Los Angeles and Southern California, and at festivals around the US including: