No Mientas!

In this section of my blog, I will be presenting tango lyrics with their translation. Note: I translate these myself, with the help of my argentine friends, these are NOT literal translations, but very close translations to the originial focused to transmit the meaning and the feeling of the song. In order to fully experience it, I would recommend read both spanish and english versions several times, then listen to the song with eyes closed and try to hear the emotion that the singer puts into the song with every line and their meaning.

First one up, and thank you Barbara Thomas for your help, is “No Mientas“, D’Arienzo with Echague, 1938.

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Música: Héctor Varela / Alfredo Lattero
Letra: Héctor Marcó

Fueron tus palabras la canción de mi esperanza
y en tus tibias manos se durmió mi corazón.
Era tan feliz y fue tan ciega mi confianza,
que jamás la duda vino a mi razón.

Pero hoy solo siento que tus lágrimas me queman
y ese llanto impío que me quiere convencer.
Es la carcajada de tu voz, que me condena
a vivir siempre engañado en tu querer.

Solo quiero verte con el alma descubierta,
afrontando todo por tener sinceridad
Para que al marcharme con mis pobres flores muertas,
lleve al menos de tus labios la verdad.



Your words were the song of my hope
and in your warm hands my heart fell asleep.
I was so happy, and my confidence was so blind,
that I never came to doubt you.

But today, I just feel that your tears burn me
and that cruel weeping wants to convince me.
It is the laughter of your voice that condemns me
to live forever fooled into believing in your love.

I only want to see you with your soul bared
Facing everything in order to have sincerity
So by the time I’m gone with my poor dead flowers
at least I take the truth from your lips with me.

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