Lo Pasado Pasó

In this section of my blog, I will be presenting tango lyrics with their translation. Note: I translate these myself, with the help of my argentine friends, these are NOT literal translations, but very close translations to the originial focused to transmit the meaning and the feeling of the song. In order to fully experience it, I would recommend read both spanish and english versions several times, then listen to the song with eyes closed and try to hear the emotion that the singer puts into the song with every line and their meaning.

Second one up, and thank you Laura Mingo and Barbara Thomas for your help, is “Lo Pasado Pasó“, Di Sarli with Rufino, 1940.

Click here to download the song: Lo Pasado Paso.mp3

Lo Pasao Pasó

Lo pasao pasó—no te atormentes
de que importa mi pasado!
Son cosas muertas que se han ido
y entre tus brazos he olvidado.
Lo pasao pasó y en mi corazón
son cenizas los recuerdos,
y entre las sombras del ayer
más radiante, brilla más
el sol de tu querer…

Hoy yo vivo por tu amor
añorando tu pasión;
sos un remanso en mi vida
y en tu pecho me adormeceré…
Es necesario olvidar
y así encontrarás la fe perdida,
y sólo mía será tu boca
cuando borres el pasado aquel…

What’s Passed is Past

What’s passed is past, do not torture yourself,
Forget my past,
Those are dead things that have gone away
And that in your arms  I have forgotten.

What’s passed is past, and in my heart
memories are now ashes
And among the shadows of yesterday
The sun of your love shines more radiantly.

Today I live for your love
Yearning for your passion
You are an oasis in my life
And in your bosom I will fall asleep…

It is necessary to forget,
That way you will find your lost hope
And your lips will be only mine once you erase that past.

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