I took a bite from that fruit, I had a peek at the truth…

So it was last tuesday…and tuesday is the king of the days, because thats when I have my tango class. And seriously, since my conscious life (2002) I have been thinking. And you say how come your thinking starts when you are 19…I say thats when mine started. But I have thought about life and the meaning of it and tried to find the truth for myself…well I’ll tell you folks…I had a revelation on this day!

So I go to tango class and it is an awesome dancing experience. Not only because it is tango, but also because its one of those days when gods have bestowed you with the glow. This means that it is your day, the wind blows where your breath goes and the earth revolves around you. That was my day…i had a blast at tango, danced and played with the music, connected with my partners in ways I had never connected and carried through the class on the high note.

We played the tango russian rulette game…gentlemen closed their eyes and women walked past them…when the music stopped, the women stopped too and partnered up with the gentlemen next to them. So we danced….gentlemen with their eyes closed, trusting their senses to guide them and the connection with the partner to protect them. And this happened with 5 different partners. I had to sharpen all my other senses to compensate for the temporary loss of vision.

My hearing was on high gear to listen to the music and to the breath of my partner. My smell gave me hints as to who my partner might be…I recognized my first parnter by the perfume. My touch was raving, my touch was extremely sensitive…to feel the presence and the whereabouts of my partner, of my surroundings and the vibrations of music.

So i carried on with five different partners, with my eyes closed, with my other senses taking over and my being concentrated on channeling the energy to and receiving from my parnter. It was an unforgettable experience, a spell I did not want to be broken.

After the excercise I was on a roll, just like the whole day. I enjoyed every single dance, I enjoyed connecting with the partners and laughing to tears while dancing and trying crazy stuff (I even managed to somehow incorporate a salsa drop into the tango-much to the surprise of my partner, who is a salsa dancer).

I went to Boba Loca after the class…its been fifteen minutes the class is over..and gradually I feel this warmth fill me up, I feel my face giving way to a smile and my mind sailing to contentment. I sit there, enveloped in this aura of happiness and satisfaction. I have a grin that gets wider every second and my mind is basking in the glory of joy. Nothing has a grip on me, no instincts can filter though this enveloping state of peace and relaxation. I feel free of any desires, free of any longing.

With every breath a shiver passes through my body…with every breath the shiver gets stronger and takes me closer to this mental climax, to this peace of mind, to this source of contentment that I have finally discovered. And I understand that dance is my destiny, dance is my passion and dance is my life. I know that I have been granted to experience what I am seeking, I have been blissed with this moment of revelation, I have discovered the path I must take and I have been allowed a teaser bite from the fruit of Nirvana, attaining which is the goal of my life. So i shall carry on the dance, I shall carry on with me this experience to aid me on my path, to remind me of the joy and elation, to keep me on track and guide me towards the truth. There are many paths that lead to peace of mind…I have discovered mine: DANCE!

“Nirvana is not a place nor a state, it is an absolute truth to be realized, and a person can do so without dying. In Buddhism, it is basically a blissful spiritual condition where the heart extinguishes passion, hatred and delusion. It is the highest spiritual plane one person can attain.”

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